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Sacred Circles are here to guide you through pregnancy, birth and beyond.

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Pregnancy is a life-changing event. Why would you plan on going it alone? 🤰

Whether you have your partner by your side or not, it’s not the same as having a group of experienced midwives who have the expertise to answer all of your burning questions and concerns.


🤷🏻 What was that sharp pain?

🤷🏻 Why is my belly tightening?

🤷🏻 How can I sleep comfortably?

These are NOT the kinds of questions your partner will be able to answer.

👉 But Sacred Circles, can!


What about your doctor? 👩‍⚕️

Your doctor is fine for medical advice, but that’s where their commitment ends. You deserve more than just a few minutes to get your questions answered.

When you are looking for full support to help you through each trimester and birth, you need a group of experts you can trust.


How Can Sacred Circles Help?

Sacred Circles are the prenatal coaches you’ve been wanting. As Midwives, we understand that giving birth is much more than a physical journey. It’s an emotional and spiritual transformation that can be full of both ups and downs. You need a group of women and guides to lean on and go on this journey with together. 👭


💝 Guided by Midwives, we provide you with holistic advice, a sacred space, and time honored traditions that help women connect to their strength. 💝

      What exactly comes with your Sacred Circle?

      🌸 Have your questions answered by pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experts 

      🌸 Gain holistic and wellness tips

      🌸 Meet and build community other expectant moms

      🌸 Learn how to tap into your inner-feminine power for a peaceful birth

      🌸 Access to special pregnancy meditations

      🌸​ Online support with other expectant moms through our private Facebook group!

      🌸​ ...And a Surprise gift basket!   


      Each Sacred Circle is over 22 hours of LIVE, REAL, PERSONALIZED online, small-group community sessions: 

      Six, 2-hour sessions prenatally, Four, 2-hour sessions postpartum, and two individual coaching sessions 

      NO prerecorded sessions here!  

         Sacred Circles make prenatal coaching affordable (and fun) by learning in a small group setting! 

        As midwives, we charge between $4500-$6000 for full maternity care.  When we do individual coaching, we charge between $100-$200 per hour.

        At Sacred Circles, we believe every pregnant woman should have access to affordable, prenatal coaching.


        That’s why Sacred Circles are only a fraction of the price!


        How do we do it? 👭🏽👭🏽👭🏽

        By learning with other pregnant women, you not only get the support of each other, but also a HUGE savings! 

        Sacred Circles are 22 hours of prenatal coaching; which would typically cost at least $5300!


        But that’s not what you’ll pay at Sacred Circles.

        We offer the EXACT same value for only $1997!

        That’s $3300 in SAVINGS!

        Just think about all of the extra baby clothes you can buy! 👶

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        Get the prenatal coaching you need today!

        With the midwives, I received highly individualized, unhurried, holistic care. They set aside significant time to personally connect with me and patiently answer all of our questions.


        The midwives really took their time to get to know me and what was going on with me not just physically but mentally and emotionally. They taught me so much about all of the processes happening in my body during pregnancy that I never knew about.


        The midwives spent time getting to know me emotionally, physically, and intellectually.  I never felt alone, scared, or without support.  They are compassionate, caring, meticulous, and kind. 


        Hi! I'm Cheryl Furer.  I became a midwife because I love the transformation that happens during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.  As a midwife, I get the honor of supporting women through all of the ups and downs of pregnancy and through the transition of welcoming their baby into their hearts and family.  


        For over 20 years I have studied nutrition, herbs, supplements, coaching and wellness.  I am a Certified Professional Midwife, Certified Homeopath, and Integrative Health Coach.  I work with adult women in many stages of adulthood; general health, fertility, childbearing, postpartum, and menopause.


        As the owner of Experience Midwifery, I serve as an emotional compass, supporting and mentoring professional women navigating their transition into motherhood.  I am dedicated to providing expectant mothers with the knowledge, care and power to create safe, healthy and memorable prenatal and postpartum experiences.  

        Hi! I'm Stacie Meredith.  My love for midwifery began at the end of 2000.  I was a hospital doula for a short period of the when a dear friend gave me the book, "Spiritual Midwifery" by Ina May Gaskin.  I had one of the strongest 'AH HA' moments of my life and knew that I had to support, educate, and empower women during their childbearing year. 


        Listening to clients, being fully present with them, and truly hearing what they have to say without judgement are some of the gifts I bring to my midwifery care and to the prenatal coaching I do with Experience Midwifery.  

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        Your privacy is important to us.  We never sell or release your information.  


        With every Sacred Circle, a portion of the proceeds are donated to black, indigenous, and marginalized midwives, midwifery education and/or midwifery organizations.  

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